Welcome to CO2G Limited

Building Long Term Relationships...
Exceeding Expectations...

Welcome to CO2G Limited – a plastics recycling business based in the West Midlands.

We recycle mixed rigid plastics from Local and County Councils, Waste Management Companies and Manufacturers.

We believe in working closely with our suppliers  and customers in order to build strategic long term relationships based on shared goals, trust and mutual commercial & environmental benefits. 

This has helped us to build an enviable reputation secured on professionalism, innovation, reliability, a keen focus on service and exceeding expectations.

Our business has grown rapidly and will continue to do so due to our continuous  investment in plant, machinery and staff.

Why recycle

As the EU grows it has, as expected, created more rubbish. Each year, the EU throws away 1.3 billion tonnes of waste. According to European Environment Agency statistics this amounts to about 3.5 tonnes of solid waste for every man, woman and child.  We all have a responsibility to reduce waste going to landfill.

In the UK landfill tax has risen from £13 per tonne a decade ago to £80 per tonne today – which has created a massive problem for consumers and businesses across the country. This rise is intended to drive the UK towards the development of a recycling infrastructure by making the landfill disposal route a more expensive and unattractive option.

There is a rapidly growing domestic market for recycled plastics from the UK. If you are actively exploring how your organisation can reduce plastic sent to landfill or you wish to purchase recycled plastic please contact us to see how you can achieve your objectives in the most cost effective manner.